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Gitte - Ext: 7787
Gitte is an extremely gifted Medium and Psychic. She ...
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Erris - Ext: 4297
Erris is an experienced clairvoyant who is also ...
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Grace - Ext: 4259
Grace is a natural clairvoyant whose clients gain ...
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Athena - Ext: 7748
Hereditary psychic medium, clairvoyant and ...
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Selina Ext: 7727
Working purely through Spirit, clairvoyant medium Selina always gives her ...
Jeannie Ext: 5506
When Jeannie was seven years old her mother gave her a set of tarot cards - an ...
Erika Ext: 7733
Erika is a professional and experienced Psychic and Life Coach. She can give ...
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