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Sexy Tips from the Chinese Zodiac
by Naomi Otley
Each sign of the Chinese zodiac has a distinct style when things heat up. Use these sexy tips to better understand a partner, date, or even yourself!


The Rat is a curious, experimental, intense creature in the bedroom—or any other room, for that matter. It loves to take the lead, but also wants an assertive partner who doesn`t hold back. Doing the same old thing won`t cut—the Rat prefers to mix it up and get busy.


If you`ve got an Ox on your hands, you might need a gym membership to keep the pace! This is a well-built, strong and sturdy lover. He or she may be slow to respond at first, but once the ball is rolling, you`ll learn what stamina really is. Things can also get repetitive, but the Ox can definitely be coaxed out of its comfort zone.


There`s a reason why `Tiger` is often used to describe someone who`s good in bed. Agile, quick and graceful, this sign knows what it wants and isn`t afraid to go for it. What`s more, it loves to keep going until the sun comes up. Tigers also tend to be vocal, and love it when you are too.


Playful, lighthearted, and insatiable, the Rabbit is always up for more. Don`t jump in too quickly, though—foreplay is key. Be playful and tender, and your Rabbit will respond in ways you can`t imagine.


A graceful and mysterious lover, the Dragon things of sex as psychic connection as much as a physical one. Good with its hands and eager to experiment, the Dragon doesn`t like doing the same thing over and over. It wants to be completely satisfied when all is said and done.


With an inherently high level of sexual energy, plus amazing moves, Snakes often have their partners clutching the sheets. These mysterious creatures are turned on by subtleties and body language, and they are surprisingly romantic.


If you`re going to bed with a Horse, expect a good workout! Horses bring an amazing supply of energy to the bedroom, and can out-last almost anyone. Expect a sensitive, spontaneous and freedom-loving experience.


Don`t be fooled by the name—the Sheep is a intelligent lover. If sensitive and responsive are your cup of tea, the Sheep is where it`s at. People born under this sign may be a bit shy at first, but once they`re comfortable, things can get intensely erotic.


Cerebral and kinky, agile and intense, the monkey is a veritable mind-reader in the sack. This sign loves to tease, flirt and play games between the sheets—so check your seriousness at the door and get ready to have some fun!


Forget about dark rooms and hiding under the sheets—the proud Rooster loves to see and be seen. This sign has a sensitive, romantic style, but it also craves attention. Feed a Rooster plenty of compliments in the bedroom, and he or she will do anything to please.


The Dog is eager to lap up attention and kiss you everywhere. It loves to please, but also has a selfish streak. Keep the reassurances coming, and let your Dog know how much you like it. Good eye contact is a must! This sign is also highly responsive to aphrodisiacs.


The sex won`t be half as good if you dive right in. For a Pig, anticipation is half the fun. Take your time to get this sensual sign running on all cylinders. Once you do, the rewards will be hot. Intimacy is more important to Pigs than trying new things, so if you want to mix it up, you`ll have to take the lead.

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