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Karma, Father's Day and You
by Naomi Otley
Being in a father-daughter or father-son relationship means sharing mysterious biological patterns that reach back through history. It represents a process of psychic growth and evolution (though it sometimes may not seem that way!). Often times, it means sharing memories, joys and troubles on a daily basis. It can be one the most challenging relationships we have, and it can be one of the most rewarding.

In other words, while the bond between child and father is so very personal, it also represents something larger than any of us. And while this bond is never perfect or "ideal," the cosmos has good reason for creating it just so.

Have you ever wondered why people who never knew their fathers - or fathers who never knew their children - often seek each other out after years have passed? The answer is quite simple: Our fathers (along with our mothers, of course) are the most direct, earthly representation of our spiritual origins. We want to know them, to understand who they are, because it helps us to understand ourselves on the deepest level. It helps us to know our karmic framework, and move toward a more open and enlightened future. This profound teaching dynamic moves both ways, from father to child and back again.

This Father's Day, whether you are with your father or not, why not take a moment to contemplate and honor this deep psychic bond between you. When we begin to see our fathers from a more universal perspective, we understand that everything happens for a reason. Then, if we're lucky, we can truly love and accept our fathers as individuals - their strengths as well as their faults - and inspire ourselves toward growth in the process.

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