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Rachel Weisz
by Kes Cross
Rachel Weisz has done what other women can only dream of - she has tamed James Bond. Her romance with notoriously intense Bond star Daniel Craig began on the set of the film, Dream House, and has seen them become real-life husband and wife. Given Craig’s reputation of immersing himself in a role to the exclusion of all else, what psychic tricks did Rachel Weisz have up her sleeve to win the affections of one of the world’s most eligible men?

The daughter of a psychotherapist and an inventor, Weisz was born on 7th March 1977. Under Western astrology, she is a Pisces and under the Eastern beliefs she was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog. Her husband is also a Pisces, born in the Year of the Monkey.

A Psychic Bond

Despite being born into harmonious surroundings, Rachel’s canine sign means that she has never truly been at ease with herself. Despite her physical beauty, she has never really felt at home in her own skin and prefers to think of others rather than herself. In this respect, Dogs are the listeners of the psychic plane. Whilst her physical self will have listened to countless woes and worries from her friends, her psychic abilities will have been receptive to the truth behind the words. She will have found it very easy to discern the heart of the matter and, thanks to the Dog’s natural ability to empathize, will have been able to dispense good advice.

Daniel’s Monkey nature is one of superiority, but this masks a core that is riddled with insecurity and self-doubt. It is likely that, where the Monkey is able to deceive most people, Rachel’s psychic abilities to ‘read’ people will have told her everything she needed to know, very quickly.

However, traditionally, the Monkey and Dog do not make a great pairing. While the Dog may be able to perceive the Monkey’s inner feelings, this can make the Monkey feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is not a feeling Monkey people enjoy and they will quickly seek to dominate and control their canine partners. If Weisz is to maintain a successful and steady relationship, she must explore the psychic attributes offered by her Western sign.

Pisces + Pisces

The pairing of Pisces and Pisces can be a match made in heaven – depending on the fish involved. As Pisceans, both Rachel and Daniel will find it very easy to tap into each other’s thoughts and feelings. The innate psychic abilities that are so characteristic of the fish that it imbues them with an uncanny sense of psychic intuition and emotional empathy. They will be able to communicate with each other on a very profound level. However, while they may be blessed with similar strengths, they may also be cursed with similar weaknesses.

Pisces people fall into one of two categories. They are either passive and dreamy or pro-active and practical. The problems start if both parties fall into the first category; passive Pisceans prefer to dream their way through their lives and can very quickly distance themselves from reality and those around them. For a while, this might seem like bliss, but once the problems of day-to-day life begin to stack up, they will blame each other and split, acrimoniously. Passive Pisceans have no sense of responsibility and are quick to pass the buck.

However, both Rachel and Daniel look like go-getters and their relationship will allow them to explore the mysteries of psychic fulfillment without compromising on their respective careers. Rachel’s strengths are her capacity to listen and learn. If she is able to focus on improving her shaky self-esteem, she will be Bond’s girl for life.

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