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Lessons in Online Love
by Barney Battles
Listen to your psychic self

In traditional courtship, you can quickly get a sense of whether the person you are dating is right for you or not. While the conscious mind is busy weighing up the pros and cons of physical attraction and assessing personality traits such as a sense of humor, the subconscious is on full alert, reading body-language and picking up subtle, psychic signals from the person you are dating. With online dating, much of these conventions are removed: you cannot truly judge someone’s appearance from a photograph and the subtle physical and psychic interplay that occur on a date are hidden behind a screen. All you really have to work with is the information that person gives to you in an email or SMS message. These constraints may frustrate your conscious mind, but your psychic self is a much more far-reaching tool.

Be honest about who you are

The temptation for many dating site users is to project an image of themselves that purely plays on their best qualities. While this is also true in traditional dating scenarios, the psychic self has an easier job of discerning fact from fiction. It is better that you are honest about who you really are and what you want. That way, you will attract like-minded people.

Of course, the real litmus test of your judgements will come when you choose to meet a person you have been corresponding with. You may feel that you have established a good rapport up to this point but, once again, it is better to trust in your innate psychic instincts to tell you whether or not the person you have met is all they claim to be.

Visualise your dream date

Giving some attention to the sort of person you would like to date is a good place to start. Many people spend more time considering the next car they would like than the person they want to be involved with. Take some time to meditate and try to visualise your dream date. While it is entirely natural to focus on their appearance, try to include other aspects in your visualizations. Consider all facets of their personality and other factors that may be important to you such as their financial status and interests. This will prime your subconscious to recognise those types of people from the lists you are presented within a dating site.

In addition, creating a ‘model’ of your perfect partner will prime your psychic self to spot any inconsistencies in the messages you receive from prospective dates. In creating a model, your subconscious will use all the information is has collated about the way people behave, act and think and use this to provide you with a good or bad sense about the person you are communicating with.

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