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Pierce Brosnan
by Kes Cross
Pierce Brosnan is perhaps best known for his stint as international superspy James Bond, between 1995 and 2004. But this versatile actor is anything but a one-trick pony, and a quick look at what he’s been up to since then will show that Brosnan is a man of many talents and passions, something that his astrological signs can illuminate further.

Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland on 16th May 1953. His star sign in the western zodiac is Taurus the bull, while he was born in the Chinese year of the Snake, under the element of water.

Snake’s are often highly spiritual individuals, but they are also known for their skepticism. These dual qualities are perhaps reflected in the role that religion has played in the actor’s life. Brosnan was raised an Irish Catholic and served as an altar boy under the ‘Christian Brothers’. However he would later reject the teachings of the Christian Brothers, in part due to a series of scandals that rocked the church. Although he says he still attends church when he can, he has also voiced his affinity for Buddhist philosophy, which he says brings him comfort, and he describes as, “my own private faith.”

Licensed to thrill?

Like his character in the James Bond films, the snake aspect of Brosnan’s personality is cool and calculating. Snake’s favor calm, rationally thought out plans over rash decisions and emotionally charged actions. They may however at times be drawn to lead lives which are full of danger, adrenalin and the unexpected. In Brosnan’s case, he seems to have played out this aspect of the snake personality vicariously through his on-screen roles.

Taurus the good-natured bull

Certain key aspects of the Taurus personality meanwhile seem to have manifested themselves more fully and solidly in Brosnan’s life. Taureans are known for their loving, warm-hearted natures and their passion for helping others, and this is evident in the ways in which the actor has directed his energies off-screen. In the past decade, Brosnan has campaigned vigorously for environmental charities and other good causes. Since 2001 he has been an ambassador for UNICEF Ireland and is involved in numerous other charitable organizations. In keeping with the suave image he portrayed in the Bond films, he was once voted ‘best dressed environmentalist by the Sustainable Style Foundation.

Brosnan also sells his own paintings to support charities, and this reveals another side of the Taurus personality. Taurans are often good at practical crafts, and are known for their love of the arts. Before becoming an actor, Brosnan had intended to be a painter, even studying a course in commercial graphic design.

Taurean’s relish stability and in their lives, something that leads them to gravitate towards healthy and stable relationships rather than drama and change. Unfortunately for Brosnan, this stability has often been difficult to find in his personal life. His father, who he has never known, walked out on the family when he was just an infant, prompting his mother to move to London to find work while the young Pierce was cared for by his grandparents.
At age 27 he married Australian actress Cassandra Harris, but the stability of a loving relationship was unfortunately lost when she died of a serious illness in 1991.

In the past decade however, the actor appears to have recovered some stability in his life, marrying an American journalist in 2001 and becoming a US citizen shortly after. As testament to his success and staying power as an actor, he was awarded an honorary OBE for ‘outstanding contributions to the British film industry’.

The classic Taurus stubbornness of ideas and habits does not seem to have surfaced in Brosnan, and since leaving his James Bond role behind, he has embraced not only environmentalism and art, but has also co-founded a Hollywood production company. Brosnan is typical of the determined nature of a Taurean that’s tempered with a love of the finer things in life, and his passion for art may see him taking a new direction in later life. James Bond may have ‘left the building’, but Pierce Brosnan is still very much at the center of things.

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