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Gordon Ramsay
by Derryck Strachan
Despite his undoubted abilities as a brilliant chef, Gordon Ramsay is probably better known for his fiery temper and ragged personal life. In recent years, he has had his marriage tested through allegations of an affair, lost a Michelin star from one of his restaurants and courted controversy in the UK and abroad, thanks to his overuse of colorful expletives. Ramsays public image seems to be at an all-time low. How have the stars engineered this situation and how can he claw himself out of it?

Ramsay was born in Scotland on the 8th November 1966, making him a Scorpio born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. His extremes of temper are a combination of his equine propensity for mood swings and his Scorpions desire to strike down opponents before they get a chance to strike him - the psychic equivalent of shoot first, ask questions later. This hints at an underlying lack of self-confidence that is a trait of his Western star sign. Scorpions are secretive creatures who learn early on to keep themselves to themselves for fear of ridicule and misunderstanding. However, beneath the protective shell that they develop, these emotions are deep and intense. Ramsays shell is a psychic projection of how he wants to be seen. He wants to appear unapproachable and belligerent, but more from a defensive desire than an offensive one.

Driven and passionate

In addition to symbolizing their abilities in combat, the Scorpions sting is also a symbol of its sexual potency. Although Ramsay has denied that he was involved in an affair, there can be no doubt that many women find him attractive, as he appears driven and passionate. Scorpions must learn to curb any sexual impetuosity or they will find that they will cause distress that will ultimately turn back upon them. In a frenzy, Scorpions are just as likely to wound themselves with their own sting as they are to disarm others. It may be that Ramsays Horse has prevented him from succumbing to any temptations laid in his path. Horses will give up everything to ensure that their love remains intact.

More specifically, Gordon was born in the year of the Fire Horse. Fire Horses are born with the same characteristics of ordinary Horses, but these qualities are accentuated. Where Horses possess selfish streaks, a strong work ethic, determination, profound psychic abilities and a desire to be free of lifes constraints, a Fire Horse will experience these qualities with greater intensity. As a result, Fire Horses carry with them psychic seeds that will either bloom into fame or notoriety.

An impulsive stallion

Ramsay seems to have been heavily influenced by the aggressive qualities of both his star signs, but the future may hold something different for him. Both the Horse and the Scorpion are creatures of transformation and the psychic forces that govern Ramsays life are preparing for just that. The third phase of a Horses life is a peaceful one. Rather like an impulsive stallion that is broken, Ramsays subconscious will come to realize that what he may currently perceive to be constraints are simply obstacles that have to be leapt over. Instead of perceiving these obstacles as psychic challenges, he will come to see them as bite-sized lessons which, if he can negotiate them, will only enrich his spiritual development.

The Scorpion is the only creature in the Western zodiac with three animal totems. The first is the Scorpion, which is then followed by the Eagle. Although still possessed of keen hunting instincts, the Eagle will allow Gordon to attain a better perspective on life. In part, this explains his propensity to impulsive attack. From a psychic perspective, the Scorpion sees everything as being bigger than itself, fuelling its defence mechanisms. The psychic grace of the Eagle offers the peace and perspective of a creature that looks down on the world from a great distance. As Gordons subconscious learns to fly above his personal and professional problems, he will attain a greater sense of just where he belongs in the world. In its third incarnation, the Scorpion will transform into the Dove - a peaceful and benign presence. This is part of the spiritual lesson that Scorpions must learn. In order to achieve the serenity offered by the Dove, the Scorpion must transform the poisons of passion and self-defence into the remedies offered by wisdom and self-knowledge.

As Gordon prepares to re-launch his restaurants and re-establish himself as a culinary force to be reckoned with, we may see him withdraw from the medias spotlight albeit on a temporary basis. On his return, however, we are likely to be presented with a more measured version of the Ramsay we have come to know. This incarnation will be more tempered in his response to problems and criticism and, while he may still use the odd expletive, he will achieve and radiate a greater sense of psychic peace.

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