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10 Can`t Fail Gifts for Lovers
by Kes Cross
Choosing a gift for your lover can be the hardest gift to choose. It cannot be an afterthought or a panic buy, but should be a token that lets them know how much they mean to you and of how well you know them. Many of us get caught up in the idea that ‘bigger is better’ and opt for expensive gifts, thinking that the size of a price tag will somehow communicate the size of our love. However, the simple truth is that a gift should be the measure of our feelings, not of our bank accounts. Here are 10 ideas to help you decide upon the perfect gift for your lover.

1. Make It Yourself

Nothing can express to a lover the depth of your feeling better than a homemade gift. Not only is it an expression of your innermost feelings, but it is also unique. A gift of this sort might be a painting, a poem or an article of clothing. Homemade gifts also encourage psychic harmony through their honesty. You don’t have to be Michelangelo - the sheer fact that you are taking the time to create something from nothing is enough to melt any heart.

2. Plant for the Future

While many enjoy receiving flowers, their lifespan is limited and they are quickly forgotten. Choosing a plant or tree that holds some significance to your partner is a simple but powerful gesture of a deep rooted love. Planting it together and then watching it grow is a symbolic way of expressing your hopes for your future together.

3. Take Time

Often, thanks to the stresses and strains of the physical world, we forget to simply enjoy being in someone’s company. Booking a weekend away in a cottage, hotel or simply going camping can help you both remember what it is you find so attractive about each other.

4. Pamper Your Partner

While not everyone can afford to indulge in a visit to a health spa, transforming your bedroom into a pampering paradise can bring you together, both physically and spiritually. Candles, incense, massage oils and soft music are all easy to get hold of and can help create the perfect ambience for relaxation.

5. Crystal Clear

Jewellery is always a welcome gift. However, rather than opting for the first thing that catches your eye, take some time to research the roles different crystals play in your partner’s life. Different star signs are associated with different birthstones and it is possible to have them incorporated into jewellery, allowing your partner to benefit from the crystal’s positive energies.

6. Focus on Your Partner

Many of our partners have interests that mean little or nothing to us. They may be sports fanatics, enjoy the theatre or prefer a particular type of film. By choosing to do something with them that you wouldn’t normally do, such as booking a seat at a play or sitting through a football game, you will both attune to each other more acutely and come to a greater understanding of your respective interests. And you might even enjoy yourself!

7. Relive Precious Moments

Surprising your partner with a meal in the restaurant where you had your first date will encourage you to look at each other with fresh eyes. Not only will you remember how you both were, but you will be able to appreciate how you have changed and grown together. Alternatively, creating a picnic to be enjoyed at a significant location can be just as effective.

8. Create a Record of the Past

Putting together an album of photographs, letters and significant objects will tell your partner how much you value your time together. Add a personal touch by writing comments under photographs, saying just what each moment meant to you. Doing this will allow your psychic self to come to the fore and help you to achieve a greater understanding of how you have and will continue to complement each other.

9. Embark on an Adventure

Many couples experience a closeness after experiencing a thrill together. As you know your partner and yourself, consider booking an experience that will test you both. It might be a hot air balloon ride or a deep sea dive; the anticipation of the unknown can reveal more about a person than you might realise. By putting yourselves in a situation that you wouldn’t normally find yourself in, your natural instincts to protect and care for each other will be brought into play.

10. Give Yourself

The physical side of a relationship is a good thermometer for the psychic side. Give yourself to your partner as you know they would want you in their wildest fantasies.

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