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How to Handle a Cheating Spouse
by Derryck Strachan
People in long term intimate relationships often develop a kind of sixth sense about their partner’s actions and motives, whether they realise this consciously or not. We all give off hidden signals every day in the subtle energies that surround us, and these can manifest themselves in a number of ways. By attuning yourself to your partner’s energies more acutely you can develop an effective radar to spot their infidelity.

Early detection

As with many things in life, it is possible to detect cracks in the surface of a relationship before they develop into deeper flaws and degrade into adulterous behaviour. Consider the chemistry between yourself and your partner, and do research into the love compatibility that you share. Look at your western and Chinese Zodiac signs to determine if you are a good match or whether your partner is likely to seek physical and spiritual completion elsewhere.

By detecting these flaws in the relationship early it may be possible to stop them manifesting themselves further into cheating and eventual breakup. As the person closest to them, you should know better than anyone how they conduct their lives and what they are searching for in life. If you can provide what they desire and crave, there should be no reason for them to go looking for it elsewhere.

Spotting a cheater

Sub-conscious psychic differences on the astral plane can lead to greater rifts if left unattended, and these can in turn lead to infidelity. Use your mental attenuation to the energies of your partner to detect changes in their behaviour. How do they respond to your own energies? If they are unresponsive to your romantic affections, this may be a sign that they have given their spiritual devotion to another.

By studying the western and Chinese star charts of your partner you can learn a lot about their personality and how they deal with emotions and personal relationships. Some star signs deal with guilt by overcompensating in ingenuous ways such as buying flowers ‘for no reason’. Others may become frequently angry, as they project their inner guilt outwards and manifest it in aggressive ways meant to distance themselves from you, whom they may view as the true source of their guilt.


Once infidelity has been detected, the most important thing is to confront your spouse over the matter. Some couples can live with the knowledge of infidelity for years without even broaching the conversation with each other. Yet to do so is a form of self-flagellation on the part of both individuals. The cheater may feel the guilt of knowing what they are doing to their spouse, while at the same time being confused and torn by their feelings for the individuals with which they are sharing the spiritual and physical being. The spouse who is suffering from the adulterous behaviour of their significant other will on the other hand experience a deep emotional hurt within their psyche that influences all their actions in life and their personal relationships with others close to them.

The one sure way to avoid these spiritual problems is by confronting the matter head on and taking an honest approach. Even if your partner has been dishonest in their dealings, this damage will only be compounded if you are dishonest with yourself and your true feelings. The only way to heal the psychic rift between you and your partner is to bring the matter out into the open. In some cases the rift may be too deep and detrimental to your own psyche to continue with the relationship, while sometimes there is still hope for saving it.


Where there is hope, there is always room for forgiveness. This may not come easy, but if you choose to continue the relationship with your spouse it is the only way forward that will not result in bitterness and mutual distrust. Though it’s hard to see at the time, couples who manage to get through their partner’s infidelity are often stronger for it, and go onto form a deeper psychic bond that will last a lifetime. However, forgiving is only possible if the adulterous partner recognises the hurt they have caused and can provide honest and sincere assurances that it will never happen again.

Moving on

In other circumstances it is not possible to forgive, or the insurmountable differences between the two partners are exposed by the infidelity. As is often commented by the wronged parties, things may never be the same, and if the psychic bond is too weak or the star signs of each lover unsuited to each other then a stable and mutually nurturing relationship may be impossible to recover. At these times, the only way forward that will bring spiritual balance back to your life is to cut your losses and begin to heal the psychic wounds caused by your unfaithful spouse as a single and independent person. Until these wounds are healed through spiritual introspection and retrospect they are likely to remain and fester, sabotaging future relationships that show greater potential.

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