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Oxygen Mask
by Jules Wyman
Most of the safety announcements on flights these days are animated and I have to admit that I tend to switch off. Occasionally though you do get the personal touch of the stewards delivering the message with props and actions. They enthusiastically inform you of the crash position and location of your life jacket, even though they have done it a thousand times they still look fresh and professional - I always feel compelled to give them my full attention.

It was during one of these moments of `full attention` that I had a light bulb flash. I heard a comment, an instruction that I have heard many times before but this time it rang loud and clear.

Make sure that you put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you help anyone else.

The words echoed in my ears and I didn`t bother to look for my nearest exit. I repeated it to myself:  Make sure that you put the oxygen mask on yourself before...

Of course!! This is where I was getting it wrong, where we tend to make it harder for ourselves in work and life.

We create a big long list of who needs to be looked after: the boss, the partners, the staff, colleagues, customers. Then there`s the family, friends, siblings,  neighbours, dogs, cats, goldfish, and each of their needs. Most people I have met have this great long list and somewhere towards the bottom, if it is there at all, is ‘you’. When asked what `you` need, a common response is `I`m not important`.

You are important!

...And you need to move up your list, dare I say it but right to the top!
If you continue rushing around checking everyone else`s oxygen mask is fixed right, at some point, probably sooner than you think, you will run out of air, lose energy and ....well, I`ll let you fill in the gap!

You need to make time for yourself...don`t delay. Obviously a week in the Maldives being waited on hand and foot would be great, and who knows ... But until that moment, find a simple and effective way to make time for yourself every day, and keep that mask securely fixed.

Take Five for Deep Breathing

At some point during the day take five minutes out for yourself and stop. Do nothing, just sit and breathe. You`ll be amazed at how much of a challenge this is at first. The mind will tell you, `there is so much to be done, you can`t just sit here!` Oh yes you can. Did you know that just taking time to deep breathe on a daily basis can reduce stress and tension and can even boost the immune system? So put yourself first for five minutes, really secure your mask. In the long term you are securing your health and the sanity of those around you!

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