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The Mentalist: When Psychics Help The Cops
by Barney Battles
The Mentalist is a crime drama that follows the career of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the Californian Bureau of Investigation. Before offering his services to the police, Patrick had a successful career as a psychic medium and used his paranormal skills to create a psychological profile for a serial killer, Red John. However, Red John murdered Patrick’s wife and daughter, leading Patrick to abandon his career as a psychic and attempt to find the killer. During the series, Patrick reveals that he is not a psychic at all. Instead, he relies on his skills as a hypnotist, his ability to read body language and an incisive knowledge of human nature to draw his uncanny conclusions. However, it has been recorded that the police have employed psychics to help them in real life. Is this an effective tactic?

Part of the problem for the police is that there are, without doubt, a great number of charlatans out there who would love to raise their profile by apparently helping them solve a case. In addition to researching and establishing the facts of a crime, the Police are often inundated by information from alleged psychics. More often than not, this information turns out to be bogus and only succeeds in wasting valuable time.

On television, psychics are used in ‘race against time’ scenarios. However, in real life, these situations are a rarity. Any information that psychics can provide in a real life event is often dismissed, as there simply isn’t the time to pursue it. However, the CIA has invested considerable sums of money in testing psychics for their abilities – most famously in remote viewing. Remote viewing is the phenomenon where, much like astral travelling, psychics are able to ‘see’ events that are happening a great distance away. Russia has also set aside some money to pursue this ability. Research in the UK is, however, almost non-existent.

However, some forces in the UK have employed psychics when all else has failed. Sue Evans from Ammanford has been used by Scotland Yard in cases and is registered as a psychic by the National Crime Faculty. Her opinion is that the Police, “don’t want to look as if they’re not doing their job properly. In 20 or 30 years I think the police will be using psychics to help them solve crimes.” Perhaps she is right. Surely a database of reputable psychics would only act to assist the Police where their detective skills draw a blank?

Until then, more research is needed. It is undoubtedly unwise to use the first person that claims to have psychic abilities without having some way of ascertaining their talent. However, perhaps there is a place for psychics in crime today. Research has shown that many victims of crime blame themselves for being the target of such events. Psychics are very perceptive when it comes to intuiting spiritual disharmony of this sort and could well prove useful in helping to restore a victim’s psychic balance and feelings of self-worth; a form of spiritual counselling. While victims are often treated for the physical and emotional after-effects of crime, perhaps it is time to help the spiritual scars to heal as well.

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