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Tree Power
by Pat Blackett
Trees have always been known to have healing properties, and people throughout the world have revered them as sacred and magical beings.

What`s so special about trees?

Trees are amongst the longest lived organisms on this planet, some living for thousands of years. They take nutrients directly from the elements, and are the protectors and regulators of their surroundings, offering food and shelter to many other forms of life.

 They remain in one place for their entire lives (except when transplanted), and therefore must constantly balance all the elements in and around themselves in order to stay in harmony and thrive.

Today we know that mankind owes its existence on this planet to the great oxygen-producing forests, which support millions of species, control weather systems, and enrich soil. Each species prefers a different habitat and expresses itself in unique ways. The appearance of a tree - its shape, growth, leaves, and flowers - are expressions of its energy.

Every tree shows a pattern of how to be in harmony with our universe. We, as human beings, seek help and solace when we have lost our equilibrium. By looking to trees we can regain our foothold and cope with all sorts of situations.

Apple - Detoxification
Helps the elimination of toxins on all levels and brings in spiritual energies. Transforms negative emotions.

Ash - Strength
Harmony with your surroundings. Feeling in tune. Flexibility and security.

Bay - Energy

Deep-rooted vitality. Blocked and suppressed emotions released. Spiritualises physicality.

Beech - Calming
Confidence and hope in oneself and one`s life. Relaxation and release of held-in trauma. Confidence in self-expression and speaking out clearly.

Copper Beech - Uplifting

Helps with depression. Brings a deep, enlivening sense of peace and detachment from worries. Energises emotions in a positive, non-aggressive way.

Hawthorn - Love
Stimulates the healing power of love. Trust. Forgiveness. Helps to cleanse the heart of negativity.

Holly - Peace
Agitated states, balance of mind. Loss of control, panic, lack of self-worth, unhappiness, loneliness. Active expression of love. Non-aggression, peace-loving yet assertive.

Horse Chestnut - Release of agitation
Harmonising flows of energy to and from the individual, eases agitation caused by contrast and difference. Clarity of mind. Flow of intuition. Peace. Ability to ground and dissipate excess energy.

Lilac - Spine
Eases all aspects of the energies of the spine. Activates all chakras. Eases tension. Closely aligned with many different types of nature spirit.

Magnolia - Restlessness
Eases restlessness and lack of clarity. Helps to maintain balance when difficult changes have to be made. Increases sense of freedom and relaxation. Learning from past experiences, a clearer idea of one`s true identity.

Monkey Puzzle Tree - Fierce Compassion
Calms aggression but allows creative, forceful action. Strongly energising, earthing, protecting. Perception of cycles of time and space, expanded awareness of continuity and change on this planet.

Oak - Manifestation
Absorption and integration of very deep, hidden energy underlying this reality. The desire for stability whilst experiencing the polarities of existence. Ability to manifest one`s goals. Channelling energy.

Pear - Serenity
Happy to be who you are. Clarity, simplicity, confidence. Reduction of stress in the subtle bodies. Increased enthusiasm, drive and energy. Deep peace.

Plum - Empowerment
Helps the highest spiritual energy enter into the material world. Practical solution to problems. Increased awareness of surroundings and effective use of personal power. Self-worth, self-motivation.

Silver Birch - Beauty
Ability to experience beauty and calmness. Tolerance of self and others. For those who find it difficult to express themselves.

Sycamore - Lightening up
Energy levels increase, so helps with lethargy. Awareness of the sweetness of life, harmony and relaxation. Lifts heavy moods.

Weeping Willow - Ego

Proper use of personal power and energy. Useful for those who get annoyed by others` views and attitudes. Tolerance of others and acceptance of one`s own shortcomings. Energising, motivating in a wise, balanced way.

Yew - Protection
Protects from harm by activating the highest spiritual values of survival and protection. Aids the memory and discrimination, helps the body`s defence system and increases energy.

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