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Sonya Sage - 7996
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All subjects including Relationships, Work, Family & Happiness
Oracle Cards & Crystals
Intuitive, claircognizant
Comfortable, friendly and embracing, yet often with a strong spiritual focus.
Sonya Sage`s Rota EST
Mon 5am-9am, Tues 2pm-5pm, Weds 3pm-6pm, Thurs 11am-2pm, Fri 2pm-5pm, Sat11am-2pm and Sun 1pm-5pm.

Sonya Sage is an experienced Intuitive, working with crystals Sonya will connect with your energy and align it with the soul of the crystals that resonate bringing through a personal guidance for you. Sonya brings through messages that will assist you on the next steps of your life path particularly if you are feeling stuck stagnant and unclear of what direction to take. A reading with Sonya will assist with the shift in energy needed to access your spiritual development and highest timeline of love and light.

Each individual crystal in the world will have a different message for each person that it aligns with. I act as a channel to bring through that message for the individual I am speaking with in my crystal readings. My spiritual journey which began with crystals has led me to put my faith and trust in spirit. It is this faith that through turmoil will bring me back home to myself knowing that in surrendering, I allow myself to be open to receive the guidance or answers that the universe is waiting to deliver.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

Being able to give guidance that will assist with a persons spiritual journey or soul path, especially if it feels like a key to a door is opening when the path has felt blocked or stagnant.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign ?

I can be impulsive! I am innovative and quite bold in walking the path that others may fear to take. I believe I am also happy go lucky.
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