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Vaani - 7894
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Love, relationships, family issues, work.
Spirit guides
Spiritual healer, Clairsentient, Claireaudient,Clairvoyant
Compassionate but direct
Vaani`s Rota EST
Weds & Thurs 23:30pm-02:00am

Vaani is a natural born International Psychic and Spiritual Healer. Vaani works as the vessel of Mother Goddess Durga who has been with her for as long as she can remember. Vaani prefers to work with no tools but with pure channelling of guidance you need. We all experience issues in our lives such as relationship breakups, loss of employment, family issues to name a few that may impede us in living a fulfilling life Vaani is here to assist you in overcoming these challenges and find the solutions to help you move forward in your life in a balanced and harmonious ways.

Having worked in the corporate industry for close to 20+ years and having had a myriad of life experiences, near death and debilitating illness that is life altering , I am able to empathise and provide you with the guidance you need for your ongoing life journey with understanding, loving compassion and honesty. I am here to share insights on what lies ahead on your journey, but its up to you what you do with that information.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

Assisting clients in empowering them and take control of their life paths.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Virgo?

Perfectionist however very grounded.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

Tell them to embrace and accept their abilities and explore ways to centre and balance their abilities with tools that resonates with them and work with the divine light that is already within them. Use their abilities to help others and in turn help themselves move forward life in positive ways.
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