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Lily - 7725
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To thine own self be true. (Shakespeare).
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Most life areas and situations except lost objects.
Mainly work intuitively with spirit guides.
Spiritual medium, psychic, healer, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, telepath, mystic
Caring, honest and direct.
Lily is a well respected natural psychic, spiritual medium and healer with 20 years professional experience. She kindly gives clear, detailed, honest, in-depth, no nonsense readings working with her wise & loving spirit guides plus the angelic realms. An old evolved soul, her insights have helped many people from all over the world. Lily regards working with spiritual energies as a pleasure and privilege which she thoroughly enjoys. Highly intuitive since birth, she inherited her abilities from her mother`s side of the family. Lily has taken a keen interest in most areas of psychic expertise and studied a great deal as well as attending many workshops on spiritual matters over the years. She holds certificates in angel & Archangel attunement, advanced psychic development, hypnotherapy, counselling and hands-on healing. Has a real love of all things spiritual and the supernatural and she`s always eager to learn more to further her education.

Lily can cover most areas of life during her readings and will do her utmost to help you. She will always be honest about what or whom she is picking up and delivers her information in a clear and direct, yet friendly manner. She does not offer sugar coated readings or say just what she thinks you want to hear; only the truth as she interprets it as she believes that is of more genuine help in the end. Lily is empathic and compassionate and is an honest and direct reader with many years experience.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

I find all the different kinds of people I speak to fascinating with their various issues and stories. I enjoy helping them see things with more clarity from the spiritual insights I receive so they can change their lives for the better. I try and help them help themselves; they are often more able & powerful than they realise and can achieve their dreams. The spirit world can be very comforting and illuminating.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Leo?

Im not a typical Leo. Because I was born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, I embrace some of both aspects of the two signs. Im a more sensitive and home-loving sort of large cat.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

I would advise them to find a good teacher who runs a well established psychic circle with a sound reputation. Its very important whom you choose because there are a lot of shady characters out there who either dont know what theyre doing or are deliberately misleading and are more focused on extracting money than really guiding you. Dont pay too much up front or be persuaded to pay for multiple classes in advance. Look for someone who works generously from the heart without blowing their own trumpet. Truly spiritual individuals are humble in their approach and although have to earn a living, are not focused solely on money and egotism. An ethical and wise teacher however will do wonders for the developing psychic.
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