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The Spiritual Power of Mother`s Day
by Naomi Otley
There is no karmic bond like the one between child and mother. It’s one of the profound psychic connections we experience as human beings. It represents deep psychic patterns that reach back through time, and it’s part of a larger process of psychic growth and evolution in our lives.

It makes sense when you think about it; our physical bodies are one with our mother for the first several months of our lives. And for years afterwards (often throughout life), we experience the joys and troubles of human life together. Our mothers protect and care for us, offering us love and shelter from the storms of life. And while this relationship is far from perfect—and can even be one of the most challenging we have—it’s often one of the most rewarding.

In other words, while the bond between child and mother is so very personal, it also represents something larger than any of us: A connection to our spiritual origins. Most of us would agree that the relationship we have with our mother is far from perfect, yet there are moments when we realise that Spirit has good reason for creating that relationship exactly the way it is.

Have you ever wondered why children and mothers who have been estranged—for whatever reason—often seek each other out after years have passed, and never stop thinking about each other? Perhaps the reason is that our mothers are a tangible, earthly representation of our deeper spiritual and psychic origins. 

The more we explore the mysterious connection we have with our mothers, the more we discover our karmic framework as individuals. Respecting and honouring this relationship helps us move toward a more open and enlightened future—and best of all, it’s a two way street. Our mothers learn from us, their children, about their own spiritual identities as well.

This Mother’s Day, whether you able to be with your mother or not, take a moment to contemplate and honour this deep psychic bond. As we begin to see our mothers from a more universal perspective, we understand that this particular connection has come about for a reason. Perhaps only then can we truly love and accept our mothers as the unique spiritual beings they are—their strengths as well as their faults—and inspire ourselves toward greater spiritual growth in the process.

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