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How the Chinese Zodiac Affects Your Wallet
by Naomi Otley

When it comes to finding opportunities that produce cash, you are one of the best. Those sharp analytical powers give you a competitive edge to keep the income flowing.

And yet, money itself doesn`t interest you. What good is a million in the bank? You`d rather enjoy all that money can buy. Accessories and travel are two areas where prudence goes out the window.


You`ve got a strong sense of ethics when it comes to pulling in cash. You only get involved in ventures you feel right about. By staying true to yourself, the right opportunities pop up.

Once the check is in the bank, you aren`t terribly keen to leave it there. Your tastes in food, fashion and travel are expensive and bold. Living large with friends and family is the name of the game, but if you`re not careful, the urge to blow it all can leave you in a tight spot.


You`ve got the kind of ideas that make money, and you know how to pitch them—but when the times comes to made ideas into reality, you can`t be bothered. If you want to reach your financial peak, definitive action is the hurdle you must clear.

Your wallet is often full, since you tend to guard its contents closely. This is a big plus for weathering storms and reaching financial goals, but it turns into a minus when you forget to enjoy yourself.


Your strong work ethic and determined spirit are major assets when it comes to stacking cash. Where others throw in the towel, you sweat it out until you achieve the results you want.

Splashing out on trifles is not your cup of tea. Solid assets like land and buildings are more attractive to you than spur-of-the-moment beach vacations. On the other hand, you feel that having a comfortable home is worth every penny.


Slaving away for someone else? Forget it. You`re a natural born trailblazer, and the last thing you want is to be kept in a cage. This might be a pet project at first, but stick with it long enough and the rewards will pile up.

Saving every penny for a rainy day? Forget that too. The Tiger spends the way it earns; boldly, instinctively, with no apologies. So where does the money go? Not so much toward ponzi luxuries—you prefer thrills, experiences, and investments that pay big.


Clever and crafty go a long way, whether you`re running a business or climbing the corporate ladder. The Rabbit`s knack for finding a way through complicated situations leads to slow but steady success.

Since you don`t like to be blindsided, a little saving here and there is something you do without even thinking. You enjoy comforts, but you like to make sure you`re covered from all sides before splashing out.


When you think big, your bank account grows. Intensity, creativity and hard-work keep both your spirit and bank account growing.

Yours is a lucky sign when it comes to cash, and your love for the finer things can make for loose spending. Doting on those you care about is your way of making sure it comes back to you.


Money is not your goal in life. You`d rather do the things you love and let the chips fall where they may. If a situation lacks freedom and creativity, you`ll run for the hills.

When it comes to spending, your mind tends to be on things other than your wallet. This is great for living in the moment and enjoying life, but not so great for long-term financial security. Horses often partner well with someone who has a more practical view.


You don`t understand why people squabble and fight over money. In your opinion, following one`s heart is much more important. You also tend to attract inheritances, or other lucky forms of cash.

Your wallet is prone to flux, and your spending can seem downright irrational to others. When it`s time to tighten the belt, though, you`ve got a knack for making the best of it. Sometimes you actually have more fun without money.


A notorious multi-tasker with plenty of brainwaves, you`re always drumming up new ideas. The trick is doing the work to make them real. When you do that, your bank account swells.

Your tendency to trust that more cash will always be available leads you into some pretty spurious spending. Your friends love you for this, but you`ve got to actively generate cash in order to support your generous spirit.


Cool, analytical and proud—these are your assets when it comes to making cash and succeeding at business. They don`t earn you crazy money all at once, but over time the dividends will show.

When they do, you`ll spend and invest with a detached mindset. Looking good and having position are more important than a pile of money that nobody knows about.

You like to cover off the worst-case scenario, and you`re inherently loyal. These qualities earn you the trust of business associates, and set you up for success in the workplace.

High-risk investments and big spending sprees? Thanks, but no thanks. Security is much too high on your list, and even if you do make a lot of money, you`d rather save and focus on necessities.

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