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Flower Remedies
by Adam Fronteras

In the 1920s, Dr Richard Bach noticed that patients with physical complaints often had emotional or anxiety problems, and concluded that in many cases this was the root cause of the physical problem. Disappointed with orthodox medicine, he searched for a more gentle treatment and discovered thirty-eight remedies using tree and flower essences, now known as the Bach Flower Remedies. They include a rescue remedy, made of several plant and flower extracts, to be taken when under stress or shock.

Flower remedies reputedly promote feelings of well-being and emotional balance. They are safe and harmless and you can either place a few drops of the essence directly onto your tongue or put them into a small amount of water and sip it.

Flower remedies are made by leaving freshly picked blooms in spring water so that the water receives the essence of the flower. This water is mixed with brandy, which acts as a preservative, and stored in a dark bottle to maintain its essential properties. 

Bach’s Theory

Floral energy is tightly connected to the human soul and it can provide spiritual harmony in individuals. Flower energy releases blocked negative energy and eliminates it. Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, as do emotions, diseases and soul qualities. When we come into contact with a flower essence, the parts of us that vibrate at the same frequency as the flower essence are activated and can express themselves.

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