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Lucy Liu
by Barney Battles
Born to poor immigrant parents in New York City, this sultry Sagittarius climbed all the way up to Hollywood`s A-list. As the The Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters, the stars above shed light on the enigmatic personality of Lucy Liu.

In many ways, Lucy is a classic success story. Her parents, immigrants from Taiwan, pounded the pavement in New York City to support their family, often working two or three jobs to make ends meet. Little did they know that their efforts would allow the youngest of three children to reach a destiny of global stardom. What astrological forces set the stage for Lucy`s incredible success, and what do they have to say about her future?

Lucy Alexis Liu was born 2nd December, 1967 in New York City, making her a Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac and a Sagittarius in the Western system. This combination practically assured that she would be multi-talented, driven to succeed, and able to turn on the charm when needed—but like any combination of astrological signs, it also presented a unique set of challenges.

Sagittarius is notorious for its spirit of exploration, and for setting its sights higher than most. These traits began to show early on, when Lucy`s academic prowess gained her entrance to one of New York City`s most prestigious High Schools. Interestingly, it was not here that she found her calling as an actress. The Monkey is known for having a wide array of interests, and is easily distracted when something new comes into the picture. Lucy`s Monkey nature diverted her attention to other fields of study, particularly that of Asian cultures. Having spoken only Mandarin until the age of five, she had a strong desire to stay connected to her roots.

After transferring from New York University to the University of Michigan, Lucy continued her formal studies, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Asian Cultures and Languages. It was here, during her senior year at Michigan, that she tried out for a small part in a college production of Alice in Wonderland. She didn`t get the part. Instead, she was cast in the lead role as Alice, and fell down a rabbit hole of her own...

During the 1990s, Lucy`s Sagittarius traits played a huge role—not only in setting the goal of becoming a successful actress, but in keeping her eye on the prize. Once the Archer takes aim at something, she will pursue relentlessly, sometimes to the exclusion of other important factors in life. Indeed, Lucy fought hard as she built a resum of small roles in film, TV and theatre. Meanwhile, the Monkey provided her with just the right amount of luck and charm, helping her to win friends in the New York acting world, and to be in the right place at the right time.

Her big break came in a way that suggests the hand destiny at work. After auditioning for a part in the soon-to-be-hit TV series Ally McBeal, Lucy learned that once again, she did not get the part she had tried out for. Nor was she given a bigger part, as happened at University. This time, creator David E. Kelley was so struck by the audition that an entirely new role was created just for her. Lucy fit effortlessly into the shoes of Ling Woo—a cold, calculating and hilarious lawyer with tendency toward political incorrectness. She was meant to be a temporary character, but the audience reaction was strong enough to secure Lucy as a permanent cast member—and open the door to major roles in Hollywood films.

Love and romance may have been an area of Lucy`s life that suffered during this climb to stardom. Both Sagittarius and Monkey are known for being restless where relationships are concerned. Sag hates to be pinned down and limited, while the Monkey often changes directions on a whim. In 2003, after Charlie`s Angels had catapulted Lucy to proper stardom, she began dating play write Zach Helm. The pair were engaged in 2004, but Lucy quickly called it off. There is a good chance, especially given her new found status in Hollywood, that she began to feel oppressed by the idea of lifelong commitment—and when a Sag-Monkey begins to feel oppressed, something has to give!

In a similar vein, Lucy`s career interests could never be limited to just one area. Spiritually, she has been known to study Taoism, Buddhism, and the Jewish mystical discipline of Kabbalah. Her passion for visual art pre-dated her work on-screen, and she continued to paint even as her acting career took flight. These days, it seems Lucy the artist is stepping it up a notch. The Guardian profiled her artwork last year, and a hardcover book featuring 72 of her paintings is currently on the market, with an introduction by new age guru Deepak Chopra. Lucy`s love life has also dovetailed with this aspect her life, as she is currently paired with billionaire art collector Noam Gottesman. Time will tell whether she has truly stabilised and settled down, or whether her Sagittarius and Monkey natures will continue to pull her in new directions.

Whatever the future holds, Lucy`s story goes to show that when something is written in the stars, there is nothing to stop it from becoming a reality. As she hits the screens this month in the blockbuster The Man with the Iron Fists, directed by Quentin Tarantino and co-starring Russell Crowe, look for another spellbinding performance from this enigmatic Sagittarius.

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