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Orlando Bloom
by Barney Battles
On the face of it, Orlando Bloom has it all - stunning good looks, an enviable film career, an even more enviable fortune and a beautiful wife. However, there is one thing that Bloom has yet to achieve: critical acclaim. Despite his prowess as a box office draw, critics are quick to dismiss his acting abilities as average. Is there a psychic obstacle in Bloom’s path or have his astrological signs conspired to leave something just out of reach?

The Path to Fulfillment

Orlando Bloom was born on the 13th December 1977, making him a Capricorn born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon. If there is one thing that Orlando isn’t lacking it is self-belief. Both the goat and the Dragon are effortlessly sure of themselves. The goat is designed to climb to altitudes far higher than any other in the Western zodiac, while the Dragon is self-assured in the extreme. Orlando will never have doubted his ability to become a successful actor.

Yet Orlando’s self-possession will not necessarily alienate him from others. Dragons exude charm and gentle authority. They know how to get what they want from those around them, without having to lose their tempers or invoke confrontation. However, once a Dragon does lose its temper, its flames burn bright and hot and can leave painful psychic scars on those who incur its wrath. Conversely, Dragon men are especially attractive to women, which is certainly true of Orlando.

A Late Bloomer

The problem for Orlando is not the way he conducts himself or what he has achieved, it is simply that his critics seem to outweigh his supporters. Professionally, he has been derided “a surfer boy trying to be serious” and as “no Russell Crowe." The intuition bestowed on him by both his signs gives him the insight to make the right professional decisions at the right time. He has a string of Hollywood blockbusters under his belt. Yet, rarely has he escaped a critical mauling. So where does the problem lie?

The key to Orlando’s unfulfilled artistic success may lie with his Western star sign. Capricorn is heavily influenced by Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries. Anyone who succumbs to the parameters set by Saturn will find that their latent psychic abilities remain stunted and underdeveloped. Orlando has the potential to be an actor of gravitas and credibility, but only once he tunes into the more profound natures of his astrological guides. Rather than trusting to intuition and charm, Orlando should seek to unlock the Dragon’s mystical ability to ‘read’ people; to see into their very cores.

The goat is the sign that limits this. Capricorn is rooted in the physical world and is dismissive of anything other than what surrounds them. In order to achieve works of greater artistic worth, Orlando must try and free himself from the constraints put in his way by Saturn and Capricorn, so that he can unleash and make use of his formidable psychic abilities.

Taking a stance of this sort will not put Orlando at odds with himself. Through meditation and positive visualisation, it is within Orlando’s power to reveal his deeper nature to himself. Once this has happened, ever-practical Capricorn will work out the best way to use these abilities. The problem is convincing the goat that these abilities exist in the first place.

In order to achieve what he is fully capable of, Orlando Bloom needs to take some time to attune himself to the higher aspects of his psyche. Through self-discovery, his Western sign will no longer seek to root him in the physical plane, but strive to guide him to reach greater heights in his career.

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