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Geoffrey Rush
by Kes Cross
Despite his distinct, weathered appearance, Geoffrey Rush has an uncanny ability to vanish into his characters. To do this, he relies on an almost supernatural ability to direct attention beyond his earthly form and to make contact with a character on deeper, psychic level.

Rush was born in Australia on 6th July 1951, placing him under the Western sign of Cancer and the Chinese sign of the Rabbit. This is a potent combination—perhaps even too potent for one man to bear. He began his career as an actor when he was spotted in a University production by a talent scout for the Queensland Theatre Company. He worked there four years, appearing in over 17 plays. However, rather than continuing to work as an actor, in 1975 Geoffrey decided to study mime, movement and theatre at the famous Lecoq School in Paris. What would inspire an actor to stop his career and seek out training at this point?

The answers lie in Geoffrey’s star signs. Many people take Cancerians at face value, failing to see past their protective shell. This shell can take many forms, from a dour and impenetrable demeanour to a bright and colourful facade. The shell exists to protect an inner core that is sensitive and riddled with insecurity.

The Rabbit is much different. He is able to distance himself from a situation and weigh the pros and cons, but often at a ponderous pace. After his early success, Geoffrey’s crab would have been causing him to question his abilities. For many Cancerians, this would have resulted in a change of career, but the rabbit caused Geoffrey to step back and appease the crab’s worries through study.

Geoffrey’s gift for being able to psychically project a character into the mind of his audience is rooted in his Western star sign. Born between July 4th and July 12th, Geoffrey is a second Decan Cancerian. These crustaceans are blessed with strong emotional intuition that allows them to ‘read’ and understand those around them. In addition, second Decan Cancerians are imbued with powerful psychic abilities. Geoffrey used the two abilities in tandem, using his intuition to assemble characters that are true to life, and to communicate their feelings on a higher plane. However, generating this level of psychic energy requires stamina and commitment, which can take its toll. While the crab is able to use these abilities, they will wallow in doubt as to whether they are doing it successfully. Those claws can be used to cling onto age-old insecurities as well as fend off attack.

Psychic burnout

In Geoffrey’s case, he is unable to fully let go of his feelings of inadequacy. This puts further strain on his psychic reserves. In times of stress, the Rabbit will run for cover, trying to get as far away from a situation as possible. For Geoffrey, this produced a terrible conflict. Each time he entranced an audience with his psychic energies, his inner crustacean was plaguing him with doubt while his rabbit prompted him to escape. Ultimately, this resulted in a psychic burnout for Rush. One of the most profound effects was the experience of stage fright. “I think I hit a brick wall...and experienced a kind of series of pretty frightening panic attacks that would seemingly come out of nowhere. It happened twice on stage...I saw the exit sign at the back of the theatre and left.” Geoffrey’s light-hearted assessment that getting “an international film career” cured this problem, may be more truthful than he realises.

Ultimately, both of Geoffrey`s signs are great seekers of praise. They are almost defined by the amount of love they experience in life. For an actor, the process of filmmaking is less psychically demanding than that of live theatre. Rather than having to sustain higher energies for hours at a time, they are required to access them in small bursts. Combined with long-deserved recognition, these conditions will have undoubted appeal to both his Chinese and Western signs. However, neither the crab nor the Rabbit like to admit defeat and it should not be long before we see Rush returning to the stage. When this happens, he will careful to ensure that he only taxes himself to the limit—and not beyond.

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