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Charlie Sheen
by Barney Battles
Anger Management star Charlie Sheen is now the highest paid actor in American television. Following his dismissal from Two and Half Man, and a series of public meltdowns, Sheen`s career once again seems to have stabilised. The question is, will it last?

Sheen was born on September the 3rd 1965, making him a Virgo born in the Chinese year of the Snake. Here, we might find some clues as to why his life has taken such bizarre and dramatic turns. Throughout his life, Sheen has been linked to or married to a series of women. All of these relationships have ended, with many of his ex-partners blaming Sheen’s excessive use of alcohol and drugs. He has fallen on the wrong side of the law on a number of occasions, usually because of violence fueled by drugs and alcohol. He has checked into rehab clinics on countless occasions in an attempt to combat his self-destructive tendencies.

As a Virgo, Sheen is much like his alter egos on television, in that he values his independence more than anything else. However, as Virgos spend a lot of time living in their minds, independence can be the last thing they need. In order to organize their internal clutter, Virgos often have great difficulty in organising their lifestyles. While they may present a calm and collected exterior, they are often chaotic  on the inside, hiding their sensitive natures even from themselves. Drugs and alcohol can provide the means with which to numb themselves.

Those born under the sign of the Snake tend to be cursed with the wandering eye, and this is certainly true of Charlie Sheen. His reptile-born charisma has attracted countless beautiful women, yet the grass has always been greener elsewhere. It is only by settling down that Snakes can achieve inner harmony and enormous serenity. Unfortunately for Sheen, this goal is at odds with the independent nature of his Western star sign.

However, Sheen has done something that his on-screen alter egos usually don`t do: He has taken responsibility for his actions and sought change. While his past activities have been consistently self-destructive, he appears to have turned a corner. Perhaps his Virgo side is learning to trust to the unknown factors offered by stability and sobriety. Where Sheen will go in the future depends largely on his ability to maintain balance between his Virgo and Snake natures.

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