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Daniel Radcliffe
by Barney Battles
For the last decade, Daniel Radcliffe has become synonymous with the character of Harry Potter. With the recent release of the final film in the series, all of that is about to end. While it seems that Daniel’s stars have played an uncanny part in helping him to become one of the most famous people in the world, where will they guide him now that Hogwarts’ most famous pupil has grown up?

Daniel was born on the 23rd July 1989, making him a Leo born in the Chinese Year of the Snake. Given Harry Potter’s magical ability to speak Parseltongue, the language of snakes, is it possible that Daniel’s reptilian sign gave him a helping hand in achieving the role in the first place?

Instantly beguiling

Snake people are instantly beguiling. JK Rowling herself said that, on seeing young Daniel’s initial screen tests for Harry Potter that “I don’t think Chris Columbus could have found a better Harry.” Daniel was asked to audition by producer David Heyman, after they met at a West End show in London. He seems to have been instantly charmed by Daniel’s serpent-like charisma. In addition, Snakes are shrewd and canny thinkers. They give a lot of thought to conquering any obstacles that might prevent them from achieving their goals. In this case the main obstacles were Daniel’s parents, who were resistant to the idea of their son becoming an actor. However, not even they could resist the bewitching powers of their son’s serpent star sign and allowed him to take his first steps into the industry.

Having worked so hard to bring Daniel the role of the boy-wizard, one cannot help but wonder how his Snake will react to the loss of the character - will it simply shed its skin or coil up while the Lion steps into the limelight?

New, more challenging roles

Having finished filming the final Harry Potter film, Daniel has chosen an interesting vehicle for his talents in his next choice of film, The Woman in Black. Based on the novel by Susan Hill, the film tells the story of Arthur Kipps, a young widower who becomes embroiled in a tale of supernatural revenge. Once again, Daniel has embraced an ‘otherworldly’ genre, suggesting an interest in phenomena that many of us find hard to explain. Once again, the Snake seems to be instrumental in Daniel’s choice. Where Leo is an eminently practical sign, the Snake is possessed of a strong inner spirituality that can manifest itself as a preoccupation with mysticism.

It seems that Daniel’s Leo nature make him reserved with his private life. Leo likes to bask in the spotlight, the Lion is also driven to maintain his kingdom and protect his loved ones – which he will do with startling ferocity.

Daniel’s star burning too bright?

Daniel`s career was established through a chance meeting and has blazed over the last 10 years, but now he must be careful not to burn out. The Lion is an energetic creature who jumps at every opportunity to shine. Yet, this is not an example of a fickle nature, for Leos are determined to be the best at everything they do, and they often undertake more work than is healthy for them. If Daniel is to make the most of the coming year, he would do well to listen to his reptilian sign. Snakes are very aware of when they are reaching the limits of their powers and withdraw for a period of psychic hibernation to recharge their batteries.

We are likely to see a lot of Daniel Radcliffe in coming years, but perhaps now he needs a break, partly to rest and partly to shed his skin and return to the public eye in a different incarnation.

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