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Denzel Washington
by Kirsten Cross
With an Oscar nod for his performance in Flight, Denzel proves he is still in the acting elite. His on-screen personas vary wildly according to the character he is playing, and he is well-known for his intense dedication to each project, As for his personal life, Denzel works hard to keep this a closely-guarded secret - but by delving into his astrological signs, we can create a more detailed picture of the man behind the characters.

Denzel was born on the 28th December 1954, making him a Capricorn in the Chinese Year of the Horse. Capricorns are tireless workers, but with a firm view of the long game. It may well be that a Capricorn will attempt a goal that many others would balk at. Capricorns are determined to reach their aims, but do not worry about the time it takes to achieve them – good things come to those who wait. This would appear to be true of Denzel. After taking part in a staff talent show at a summer camp, someone suggested Denzel try acting. He promptly enrolled at the Lincoln Center Campus to pursue this idea and, upon graduation, attended the American Conservatory Theatre for a further year. Rather than becoming impatient, Capricorn’s view of the bigger picture drew Denzel to study the intricacies and complexities of his craft in as much detail as possible. Possibly his Western star sign was able to intuit the shape of things to come and wanted to invest as much time as possible in preparing for it.

Capricorns are also very intellectual. This can manifest itself as a wisdom that seems beyond their years. For Denzel to pursue a career that relies very much on intuition might seem a contradiction, but consider which roles have made Denzel famous as an actor. Denzel is most recognized for his startlingly accurate portrayals of real-life figures such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X and Herman Boone. To create a fictional character, an actor must employ his imagination. To portray a real life person, an actor must rely on his intellect as well. No doubt that in preparing for these roles, Denzel’s Capricorn side encouraged him to read as much reference material as possible to fully immerse himself in the role.

The Horse, however, is likely to be the side of himself that Denzel keeps private. Horse people are notoriously lacking in confidence and constantly crave assurance. The flighty nature of this sign will not allow him to take anything for granted and even having received three Golden Globes and two Academy Awards will not be enough to make him fully accept his gifts. In some respects, this might make him appear to be a humble man, but Horses are possessed of huge egos that need feeding. It is possible that, away from the cameras, Denzel is a man who constantly questions whether he is good enough at what he does. In order to prove himself, he will keep coming back for more, each time trying to better his last offering.

Horses can be perceived as having a flighty nature, but this is because they are always on the lookout for spiritual nourishment. A project that might appear to offer some satisfaction can lose its interest if another, more psychically rewarding opportunity comes along. However, Denzel seems to have mastered his Equine sign in this department. He is a committed Christian and has given large sums of money to the building of churches. Having nourished his Horse’s spiritual appetite, Denzel will be able to take life at an easy trot, rather than breaking into a gallop at the drop of a hat.

Many of Denzel’s characters are passionate, fiery men. Given his calm, almost placid demeanour, it is a puzzle as to how Denzel is able to harness such emotional intensity. This must be attributed to his Horse, for they are very emotional creatures, prone to displays of deep feeling. However, it may be that Denzel is also attuned to his Western sign to such a degree that he is able to use Capricorn’s patience to capture these emotions and use them when they are most necessary. This doesn’t mean that Denzel is an unfeeling and calculating man. Rather, it means that he has a great awareness of his own depth of feeling and to fully understand something is to be able to control it. Denzel’s compelling intensity on the screen is born out of his ability to understand himself and his emotional capabilities. Rather than wasting them in pointless displays of temper he uses them to great effect, purging himself at the same time.

Denzel’s ability to appear calm and measured is no act. He is a man psychically at ease with himself, yet able to draw on his emotional reserves when the time is right.

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