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I'm Offline
There is always Hope and without Hope we have nothing, we just need to believe .
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Relationships, career, family issues
Angel Cards, Angel Tarot Cards, Angel Numbers, Pendulum, Oracle Cards .
Clairempathic, Clairaudient ,Clairsentience, Psychic, Empatic Medic , Reike Healing . White Rose Healing. Guided Healing Meditation
Empathic, Sensitive, Compassionate, Honest & Friendly
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Bernie is a genuine angelic lady whose compassion and kindness shall provide a safe healing place during your reading. She is a highly gifted Intuitive Empathic Medic Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. Bernie quickly senses both your emotional and physical pain and she shall facilitate & empower you with any life crisis or issue. She a trained Certified Angel Card Reader and Angelic Intuitive.To complement this she is a highly competent nurse with expertise in several specialised areas especially oncology. Bernie combines all her skills to provide accurate readings utilising Angel Cards other Oracle Cards Pendulum and her unique intuitive ability to connect with the Angelic Realm. Giving the opportunity to work with her shall be a life changing experience and amazing sense of healing for anyone.

"I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately Bernie connected with me, I felt comfort and clarity after just a few moments, she truly has a wonderful gift and I am grateful for her guidance, thank you Bernie.

Danny, UK

Incredible! Everything Bernie said was going to happen has happened and in the exact way she said it would! Just totally spot on!! Thank you

Karla, OH

Recently I had some very pressing career and interview issues that needed exploration. It involved offers being made to me, and decision making ultimately on my side - but also looking into the decisions made by the people I was dealing with to understand their motivations.

Bernie was able to quite literally look at the meetings I had with incredible accuracy. She delved deep into the room/s and conversations, and was able to understand the characters and attitudes individually very quickly, explaining their moods and outcomes. This was 100% spot on.

This lady has a true gift and Id highly recommend speaking to her if you require a calming influence, insight and also support she certainly helped me right up to the end while the clock was ticking, as I waited for news, almost tearing my hair out. Her insights were just 100% spot on.

I wish her much love, luck and light in the world for the years ahead.

I highly recommend her. Shes a unique and gifted soul

RHL - London

Is an amazing clairsentient that accurately tunes into the physical and emotional condition of you and your loved ones, its as if she was a doctor doing a direct physical examination. Offering a indepth positive way forward and solution to your situation, leaving you feeling fulfilled. Thank you Bernie you are very heart warming.

TB, Switzerland

Bernie is a remarkable psychic clairvoyant. I have been to and spoken with a few in my time, however Bernie is precise, helpful, genuine and clear with her readings. Bernie has a remarkable gift in being able to read energies precisely, giving one a better sense and idea on how to communicate with another. Whether its to say hi and keep Bernie updated or to speak with her for clarity and guidance, Bernie is always true, she shows a lovely caring nature and feels you. This lovely angel can also tap into your body and soul providing advice with physical and mental health if necessary.

During an important journey for me over the last 6 months I found a confidante and someone who really understood. Bernie gives you the advice as well as provides an insight from a clairvoyant view, a true gift Bernie shares with warmth and a true heart, only wishing to assist and guide you..

Bernie you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for everything. Speak to you soon.

Fran, Perth WA

Bernie is soulful and angelic, full of wisdom and guidance, always accurate.

Miss A From London, Jan 18

Over the past few weeks I have been going through some very tricky times and throughout Bernie has been a source of infinite kindness and reassurance. Everything that Bernie reads in the cards, speaks about intuitively and works with her crystal has always been so accurate and more than this she always goes one step further constantly reminding myself to put myself first, take care of myself and even just to try and rest. Bernie is kindness personified.

AT, London, Mar 18

Bernie has a very unique gift. She can provide understanding and clarity around relationships and the people around you. She has helped me to see who people truly are and guided me with friendships, work and family.
Bernie is simply an amazingly talented psychic, who provides incredible support in a loving and kind way.

Jeanine Smith Mar 18"

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