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Tayo - 5501
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General, all round reader - no subject is off limits
Spirit guides, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Healer.
Shaman, Medium, Intuitive, Healer, Energy Consultant.
A powerful clairvoyant and medium, who can read your mind instantly, Tayo`s fascinating background includes a predictive psychic mother and a "medicine man" father; a maker of healing herbal medications and charms. She has a deep understanding of how the spirit world functions and sees spirit people as clearly as she can see you (although their aura will be brighter!) Tayo is honest and open. She sees, hears and feels many hidden factors and helps people to make a very strong link themselves.

Tayo is a Shaman Medium with a powerful connection to the spirit world. Her core belief - the mind builds the physical result - reflects that life is an ongoing lesson from which we are constantly learning. She is an acclaimed healer and spiritual counsellor and is recognised for merging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into modern living.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

I love reading for a variety of individuals and helping them to move forward on their pathways. We hold the answers to all lifes questions within so helping someone to recall that fact is reward enough for me. Life is complex so a helping hand along the way is often spirit sent I believe. As I help the client I believe I learn a little about myself in the process.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Aquarius?

Dont follow or do star signs so not sure that I am typical to the sign.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

Everybody has psychic ability it is recalling the knowledge of how best to use the ability once more.

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